illuminate 3d Sign

Get a High-Quality 3D Illuminated Sign That’s Built to Last

At Sign Shine, we’re proud to offer 3D illuminated signs in Penrith, West Sydney and surrounds that are bright, reliable and cost-effective. This type of lighting is perfect for achieving different lighting features with special effects, including side lighting, back lighting and front lighting. All illuminated 3D logo signs we make are constructed to be durable and are finished with quality materials such as polished mirror, coated powder, brushed steel, aluminium or paint. As an experienced 3D sign maker, we’re happy to advise you on the best materials to use to suit your brand and the location of your signage.

How Does a 3D Illuminated Sign Work?

The text on a 3D illuminated sign is typically made by a 3D sign maker from aluminium or acrylic materials. The letters on the front and side can be fully lit and embedded in solid acrylic letters, giving the sign an overall glow.

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Illuminated 3D Logo Sign?

While a 3D logo sign that’s illuminated will use more electricity than the average sign, this cost is small compared to the increased exposure your brand could receive. In the long run, you’ll often find that illuminated signage can make you and your business money.

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