Light Box Signs

Custom Light Box Signs to Suit Your Business in Sydney

At Sign Shine, we’re dedicated to crafting reliable light box signs that are custom built to suit the needs of your business in Sydney. Whether you need single or double sided, LED or neon, or aluminium or acrylic, we can provide the light boxes you need. In addition to designing and building your light box sign, our professional electricians can assist with installation and connection. We can also advise you on the best location for your sign to ensure your brand name is promiment.

Custom Light Box Designs

A light box sign can have many benefits for shop fronts in Sydney. The visibility of this type of signage is high, plus it’s less expensive than a LED screen. Light boxes can also be programmable with the latest technology. Whether it be a slim light box, a light box with letters, backlit real estate signs, or glass neon we can customise to your needs.

How Do I Care for Light Box Signs, and what is the cost?

It’s important to keep an eye out for graffiti, reduced performance, weather damage and increased power usage for your light box sign. If the sign is running all day and night, it may need more frequent servicing. If you notice any changes, you should contact Sign Shine as soon as possible. To find out our prices please call us for a free quotes.

Learn More About Our Signage Today

Whether you’re interested in light box signs or you need another solution such as building signs, office signs or vehicle signs, call Sign Shine today on (02) 4708 2940 for a tailored solution that meets the requirements of your Sydney business.